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Ami brings people together

Be a friendly face. Connect to your community. Feel good.

About Ami

Ami is an online service that makes it easy to find people in your community who need a little help and support. It might be doing the shopping, getting to appointments or being someone to chat with, over a cup of tea. Ami will show you what’s needed near you and help you to register with a local voluntary organisation.

Photo of a young woman visiting an older woman

What you can do

Just a few minutes of your time can help someone to feel less lonely. Pledge a little time today.

Reducing loneliness

The majority of British people have experienced loneliness and also know someone who is lonely, according to new research commissioned by The Campaign to End Loneliness.

In a survey, 84% of British people said they have felt lonely, with 13% feeling lonely “all of the time” and 64% knowing someone who is lonely.


Find people to do fun stuff with. A walk in the park or going out for coffee, it’s even better when you have others to share it with.

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NEW Ami shop

We have designed a shop that sells things to encourage people to connect and help build communities.

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