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Supporting People in Your Community

In Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Leicester & Surrey
Help others. Stay connected. Feel good

About Ami

Ami makes it easy to be more connected to people in your community in Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Leicester and Surrey, helping you to feel happier and healthier.

You can use Ami to find someone near you who needs a little neighbourly help or would enjoy a friendly chat. Ami will show you exactly what’s needed near you and help you register with a voluntary organisation.

Photo of a woman speaking
Photo of a young man visiting an older man

Our Stories

Hear from some of the people who have connected through Ami about how it’s making a difference to people’s lives.

Photo of a neighbour waving up to person in a flat


If you are able to offer help to your neighbours directly, (NOT through a voluntary organisation or charity) please register on our new site FindAKindNeighbour, which will launch soon.

It’s good for you

Connecting with people is good for your health. It not only improves your cognitive performance and mental attitude, it also improves your physical health.

No time to volunteer?

Pick one of our simple challenges and pledge a little time to brighten someone’s day. It’s easy to help someone to feel more connected and we’ll help you to follow it through.


Please follow the latest government advice regarding Social Distancing. If you regularly visit an older person, please help keep them safe. Say hello through the window and/or have a chat on the phone.

Ami's partners and funders

These are organizations that make it all work