Our Stories

Be inspired by our amazing volunteers who are helping to wipe out loneliness in Oxfordshire by giving a little bit of their time to visit someone nearby.

“As an immigrant to this country I know how it feels to be lonely.
I have no family commitments so I can help lonely people in my area.”

“I hope to make someone's day-to-day life a little brighter and less lonely.”

“I feel I should give back to the community.”

Photo of young woman visiting an old woman sitting in the garden with a cat

Gemma and Joyce share their story

Ami volunteer Gemma enjoying a spot of gardening with Joyce (and Lucy the cat!). Joyce was a District Nursing Auxillary in her younger days, but she's now disabled and housebound, so Gemma's company really brightens her weekend. She says she could otherwise go the whole week without seeing anyone apart from at medical appointments.

Gemma says she really enjoys it too as she no longer has grandparents, and visiting Joyce and Lucy is a nice change from conference organising! They're planning a trip into town together next.

Photo of a residential street in Headington, Oxford. A large model shark is sticking out of one of the roofs.

Mary's story

I really enjoy meeting up with Mary, she has had a very interesting life and we always find lots to talk about. We often talk about her life growing up and living in different areas of Oxford, and because we both live in Headington we have lots of mutual points of reference. She has lots of fascinating personal stories about the local area.

My own Nan is a similar age to Mary but lives too far away for me to visit as often as I'd like. However I know that she gets visits from local friends and neighbours which makes a huge difference to her day to day life. I like to think that becoming a befriender in Headington is a way of giving back, as well as spending very special time with someone from a different generation.

“It's a nice idea, and working for Social Services I knew first hand that people were lonely.”

“I wanted to fit into a new community and had free time and the will to help.”

“Now that I'm retired, I have lots of spare time.”

“I've seen on the news about the loneliness of elderly people.”

“My family all live abroad so I have time to help someone.”

Photo of a woman speaking play

Mo's story

Ami made it easy for Mo to find the right volunteering opportunity for her and now she’s really enjoying it.

Photo of a young woman smiling with an older woman

Diana and Katy

Diana enjoys getting out for a walk and Katy's help means she can do this regularly. Katy took this photo during a recent one. Afterwards they always follow up with a nice cup of tea.

“Do it, you won't regret it, and you'll probably make an amazing friend.”

“Ami made it a really easy process to join. The coordinator was lovely and very informative. I've been paired up with a really lovely lady since February and I'm really enjoying it.

Thank you!”

“After my Nana fell ill and passed away, I wanted to help people in my community.”

Photo of an older man sitting near a young man play

Ian and Joe's Story

Ian goes to visit Joe about once a fortnight. They've both spent their working lives in Universities and have lots in common.

“I’m out of work and this gives me a purpose.”